We are proud to announce that our first game as arrived, Cobalt code is a memory challenge and a mental workout. Use your memory skills to hack one of the hardest codes you’ll ever face, the Cobalt Code, You must break into 3 main security levels, each one has a different difficulty, the more you go, the tricky it gets. As you advance you will be training your brain to code, store and recover visual info, as you work your short-term memory hacking the Cobalt Code. How many levels can you hack?

Get it from Itunes


  • Different Game Modes:
  • Quick Play (one tap to get you hacking)
  • Progressive (How much can you resist?)
  • Complete (Full spectrum challenge)
  • Shuffle (Hack the random code every round!)
  • Random hacking sequences
  • Tense music and FX
  • Keep track of your best scores at all game modes
  • Futuristic eye-popping graphics
  • Stylish animation and transitions